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Dear Friends!

D4rkEnergY has been on and off lately! He has been sick - too much work, 18 hours/day for 6 months in a row, almost killed the unstoppable force! But now he is back - more healthy than ever, and he will now reveal, HOW Smart Money are taking advantage of you and other smaller private investors at the moment - Nobody is talking about the subject, nobody seems to care, BUT you can count on D4 who will guide you..

But let's first take a look at the TA and the 1D BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD             Chart. We are at this very moment caught inside this huge descending bearish triangle. A small Class B Regular Bullish Divergence and a bullish MACD-cross, gave the bulls a bit of momentum but yesterday we slammed our head into the triangle wall and dropped down to 6,600 USD where we are now.

IF we somehow manage to get out of the triangle, we still have a lot of resistance at 7,000-7,200 USD, 7,400 USD - but the biggest hurdle will we find at my red rectangle , where we have a lot of confluence resistance from EMA's, Fib's and the 8k even number.

IF we stay inside the big triangle, its just a matter of time before we will be squeezed down and fall through the bottom of triangle and down to 5,700 USD where we have our last support, before we will go under 5,000 USD. Pay attention to my Volume Profile and Low Volume Node and High Volume Node.


For a long time, I was really bullish on BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">Bitcoin             (I still am Long Term) and I expected we would go into a Bull Market soon. When I was looking into the fundamentals there were a lot of reasons to believe that. I have before mentioned that in earlier posts - and then I saw smart money and institutional players coming into the market as well, which is a good sign right?

But hey, stop, wait... And THEN D4rkEnergY saw the light! Smart Money buy BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">Bitcoins             Over The Counter. OTC">OTC             Trading IS happening at the moment in a degree we have NEVER seen before. D4 knows stuff like that - And we are not just talking a single tranche of 100,000 BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">Bitcoins             . We are talking about how BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">Bitcoins             are being bought for billions of dollars every single day OTC">OTC             .

So Why Is That a Problem?

When you and smaller investors go to an exchange and buy BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">Bitcoins             it will affect the price a tiny bit. When Smart Money buy hundreds of thousands of BTC's (and its not just random numbers I come up with it - it happens all the time at the moment) they can do it without affecting the price and they get it to a fixed price. If they are lucky they even get it to the market price minus some discount if intermediates and seller's and buyer's teams can agree on conditions!

So even though a huge amounts of BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">Bitcoins             are being bought every day it will not reflect ANYWHERE on or the exchanges!! Only on the Blockchain if you are looking for it.

To summarize: That means Smart Money secretly can go out and buy BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">Bitcoins             decentralized and unregulated without it has any affect on Bitcoin's price, and hereafter aim for ROI             on some few percentages and earn big on it. Also they have the opportunity to short, squeeze or manipulate the market.

The rich are getting richer, guys! Be careful - the best thing you can do is to think like a whale and swim with the whales!

D4 Loves You <3

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