TATATU Founder Andrea Iervolino Thinks Free Access to Content is Not Enough Anymore


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TATATU Founder Andrea Iervolino Thinks Free Access to Content is Not Enough Anymore

Andrea Iervolino is a successful filmmaker who has produced and distributed hundreds of movies with Hollywood A-listers such as Al Pacino, Antonio Banderas, Jonny Depp, and many more. He created his first movie at the age of fifteen and has been at it ever since, bringing great ideas to life. Having worked in the industry this long, he knows all the ins and outs of film-making and content distribution.

Speaking with Nikita Sachdev, for Cryptovest, the director shared his views on the content distribution industry and talked about his new business venture, TATATU, a blockchain-based platform for media content distribution and social entertainment.

"I financed my first movie in my town going door by door to ask funds. It's like the old system of crowdfunding," he disclosed.

At the age of sixteen, he invented a new content distribution model that proved to be very successful and kick-started his career in the big movie business.

Now Iervolino has conducted an ICO for his platform, called TaTaTu, which is a social media content platform that will change the way we view, share, and distribute content.

"We tried to find a name, which is easy to remember and that will have a rhythm in it," he said by way of explaining the philosophy behind the name.

"Actually, in urban language, TaTa means 'things are going well,' while Tu means 'You' in the Italian language, in Spanish, and in French. So the meaning of TaTaTu is 'Things are going well for you,' because TaTaTu is made for people, for you".

Speaking about what inspired him to start TaTaTu, Iervolino said the idea came from a study on how film-making revenue streams have evolved. Free TV license agreements used to be the second largest income stream from a movie, right after box office ticket sales.

However, free TV income is based on advertising, which has been declining steadily in recent years, and it is being overtaken by income generated through the internet and pay TV business model, Iervolino explained.

Pay TV relies on subscriptions and allows consumers to watch premium content without being interrupted by an advertisement. But as Iervolino noted, this model is also subject to limits in terms of subscriptions growth. That is why all pay TV services around the world have to merge to retain their market power.

"In my point of view, the future of consumption of content is the free TV taken to the internet. First is the free access to content, which is the base of TaTaTu. Plus, I think free access to content is not enough anymore to attract a user to your platform and to be part of your platform. So TaTaTu is also an upgrade of free streaming because we also share revenue with users".

He said that TaTaTu's business model is to build a new relationship between users and content providers.

"When a user comes to TaTaTu, they watch all content for free plus they get rewarded based on how much content they watch and share and on how many friends they have."

"We are trying to give user transparency of what we earn and what we share with them and reward them in real time, that's why a blockchain component is fundamental for the platform," he explained further.

Speaking about plans, Iervolino revealed that the company would become a producer and start creating exclusive content for the platform. The first TaTaTu film will feature Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin.

Another differentiating feature of TaTaTu is its charity component, which means that users may opt to transfer a portion of the rewards they receive for watching content to charity. Iervolino believes that the majority of TaTaTu users will be willing to do that as the rewards are not the main attraction for them.

"I think TaTaTu should be just another option for the consumer. And eventually they will choose what is smarter for them: to watch content for free and get a reward or go and pay for similar content."

Watch the full with Andrea Iervolino here or visit the official website of the TaTaTu project to learn more.

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