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Coin AIO - 6 months ago (UTC)

Stratis (STRAT) - Breeze Privacy (Mainnet)

"We are pleased to announce the Breeze Privacy Protocol (Mainnet) will be released on Wednesday the 1st of August!" Proof: Source: https://twitter.com/chrisblockchain/status/1022167094081798145

Coin AIO - 7 months ago (UTC)

Stratis (STRAT) - Academy Courses

"Courses continue to be developed for the Stratis Academy and will be released during this [Q1 & Q2] period." Proof: Source: https://stratisplatform.com/2018/02/13/stratis-development-roadmap-update/

Coin AIO - 7 months ago (UTC)

Stratis (STRAT) - Breeze Privacy Protocol

The Breeze Wallet with Privacy Protocol has progressed through various internal test phases that focused on further testing of the protocol. Proof: Source: https://stratisplatform.com/2018/02/13/stratis-development-roadmap-update/...