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Coin AIO - 4 months ago (UTC)

A Bitcoin Rat Is Occupying Wall Street

News 1 min ago | By Jamie Redman - | A Bitcoin Rat Is Occupying Wall Street Ten years after the financial crisis of 2008, an artist known as Nelson Saiers has placed his latest artwork across the street...

Coin AIO - 6 months ago (UTC)

Maecenas (ART) - Warhol's Crypto Auction

Maecenas is launching one of its first blockchain art auctions of an Andy Warhol. Apply for a beta here: app.maecenas.co. Proof: Source: https://blog.maecenas.co/fine-art-auction-beta-launch-andy-warhols-14-small-electric-chairs-reversal-series...

Coin AIO - 7 months ago (UTC)

Maecenas (ART) - Christie’s Art & Tech

Marcelo Garcia Casi (CEO) to participate in panel on "Blockchain in the Art World - Tokenisation and Securitisation" Proof: Source: https://www.christies.com/exhibitions/2018/art-and-tech-summit-exploring-blockchain...