CoinMarketCap Updates Its Site, Watchlist Limit Now 250


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CoinMarketCap Updates Its Site, Watchlist Limit Now 250

Coin enthusiasts everywhere will be glad to know that CoinMarketCap—one of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency tracking websites—announced some minor, yet important updates.

Aside from the announcements it made—which include a new watchlist limit of 250 coins—we also noticed that a couple of aesthetic improvements were made, namely a change in how the price graphs are presented.

Lines have also been thinned out and the space filled by each coin’s data is just slightly smaller, presenting a page that is a little smoother to the eyes.

Despite CoinMarketCap’s announcement of a new and easier-to-use search function on its mobile website, the site itself in general is still awkward to navigate on a phone.

Our test of the mobile website shows that the data tables for all coins continues to be a copy of the desktop version’s model, forcing mobile viewers to side-scroll.

Replying to the announcement on Twitter, one particular follower asked for CoinMarketCap to develop an Android/iPhone app.

The team pointed out that there’s already an iOS app, but unfortunately, there is still no Android version. That is rather odd, considering that most wallet developers often make Android apps, some even leaving out any iOS version.

“We have released our iOS mobile application and are working on the Android mobile application; it is coming soon. Thank you for your patience,” CoinMarketCap said.

Beneath this reply, we see even more followers asking about Android versions.

We’ve looked at the iOS app and found its interface to be more fluid and user-friendly than the mobile version of the site.

The coin tracking website was previously embroiled in a scandal at the beginning of the year after it silently chose to remove Korean exchanges from its price calculation for coin market data. Once people took notice, they revolted, claiming that CoinMarketCap is manipulating investor perception.

The team behind the site replied to these claims, saying that they removed Korean exchanges “due to extreme divergence in prices from the rest of the world and limited arbitrage opportunity.”

However, more recently, these exchanges were once again included in CoinMarketCap’s price calculations, perhaps because the market in the country has since stabilized.

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