BITCOIN-Bulls and Bears in 110 Metres Hurdles - Who's Gonna WIN?

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Heeey Friends :)

D4rkEnergY is back with another update on BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">Bitcoin             . Very soon we gonna witness a race between the bulls and bears! The big question is, who's gonna win. To find out let's take a closer look at the 4h BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD">BTCUSD" href="">BTCUSD             Chart.

Since we finally escaped from the descending wedge it hasn't been easy for the bulls. We have slowly and steady been crawling up though with a lot of boring and sideways movement. Very little volume , which probably is due to the weekend but also because we don't have that many buyers and sellers just above 8,000 USD.

As you can see we are right now around 8,300 USD and a nice Inverse Head and Shoulder pattern is taking form, which probably sooner or later will take us up around 8,600 USD! All my red rectangles are resistance zones.

We have a lot of obstacles on our way to 10,000 USD, as you can see, and it will definitely not be an easy race for the bulls to win. So far I'm still going with the bulls for now.

We will have our first BIG hurdle around 8,640-8,845 USD. If we don't fall here and are able to make that jump over this zone, we will most likely go to 10,000 USD!!

This will be super exciting to follow, and I promise to keep you updated. Please leave a LIKE, my friends :)

D4 Loves You <3